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March 2007
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Latest Additions


Aircraft Warning Warning Service FM 11-25 (3 August 1942)
Air Defense Employement FM 44-1 (October 1965)
Air Defense Artillery Eeployment FM 44-2 (June 1966 )
Historical Summary Radar Bomb Scoring 1945 - 1983
AN/MPS-11 Technical Manual

568th Signal A.W. Battalion Unit History
pdf of the 568th history, from formation to deactivation

A pdf document containing the 568th's official unit history has been added. It can be read by selecting "Army" from the main menu, then "568" from the list of units, and finally selecting the "History" link. This unit history was obtained from the Air Force Historical Research Center in microfilm format, printed and then scanned. Some pages and/or items were unreadable due to the poor quality of the conversion to microfilm. Therefore, the document is not 100% complete.

Anti-Aircraft Artillery Operations 6th Army

A pdf document containing the operations of the 6th Army in the Pacific during WWII had been added. File is located in the Documents section.

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Recent changes to this web site..
28 March 2007 - Added information about 583rd, 678th, several Army Signal Air Warning Battions, and Air Force Squadrons.
18 March 2007 - Added MPS-11 Technical Manual; Updated Sources, documents and Radar Descriptions.
11 March 2007 - Added information about CCG/MOBs, ATC radar units and MSQ radars.
7 March 2007 - Added Anti-Aircraft Artillery Operations 6th Army PDF to documents. Updated related web pages.
6 March 2007 - Updated several pages; Added RBS information; added Army TM 11-25, TM-44-1 and TM-44-2; Updated sources and documents pages.

4 March 2007 – Updated Links and changed a link setting in Marine Corps History.

3 March 2007 - Removed AF Units 457, 458, 459, 483, 535, 536, 537 and 4450 from appropriate pages and index. Units were not connected to mobile radar.

2 March 2007 – Updated the following web pages: News, Contributors, Contact Us, and Bulletin Board. Added link to

1 March 2007 - Replaced guest book with bulletin board; installed  files for bulletin board, forum instructions and updated the main menu.